Meet Dr. Randy Lowell, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Title: Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Psychology

Education: University of South Carolina, Columbia – Experimental Psychology (B.A., MA., Ph.D.)

Personal: Randy Lowell was originally born in Elkhart, Indiana. By the age of three, Randy and his family moved to North Carolina, settling in Raleigh after a few years. He graduated from the University of South Carolina as an Experimental Psychology major. By his senior year at USC, Randy felt a desire to pursue a career in higher education. RandyRandy started working at USC Union only two weeks after he completed graduate school. Randy chose USC Union because he wanted a faculty position where he could teach and continue his psychology research.

Before attending grad school, Randy lived in Madrid for nine months where he taught English as a second language to students and professionals. He also worked at Disney World for a semester during his undergrad. As a hobby, Randy grows peppers and makes his own hot sauce, which obviously makes his favorite food tacos. During his free time, Randy likes to brew beer, watch sports, and spend time with his family.

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