Meet Randy Ivey, Senior Instructor English

IveyTitle:  Senior Instructor English

Education: University of South Carolina – English (B.A., M.A.)

Personal: Randall Ivey, also known as Randy, was born and raised in Union County. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of South Carolina. Randy continued his education at USC where he received his Master’s Degree in Creative Writing and British Literature. Randy originally planned to major in Media Arts and pursue film making; however, his fascination for literature urged him to share and teach others about English.  He began teaching at USC Union as an adjunct instructor in 1990 and was later hired as a full-time instructor.

Randy2On eight occasions he has been named USCU’s Distinguished Teacher of the Year:  1996, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, and 2018.  He is the author of a new novel, Where the Streets Are Paved With Gold, three story collections, The Shape of a Man, The Mutilation Gypsy, and A New England Romance, and a book for children, Jay and the Bounty of Books. Twice he received the SC Fiction Project Award for the short story, in 2004 and 2007. He has published nearly 100 stories, poems, essays, and reviews in journals, magazines, and anthologies in the United States and in England, including The South Carolina Review, Emrys Journal, The Charleston Post and Courier, Modern Age, and Appalachian Heritage. He is at work on a new novel set in an upcountry South Carolina nursing home.

“Union is my hometown,” says Randy, “USC Union was the perfect place for me to have a career and remain close to my family.”

In his spare time, Randy loves to read and watch movies. He also enjoys exercising as well as spending time with his family and friends. His two favorite foods are boiled shrimp and rib eye steak.


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