USC Union Alumni Spotlight- Brittany Hightower

Brittany Hightower attended USC-Union from Fall 2021 to the Summer of 2022. After graduating she attended the University of South Carolina-Columbia, where she is currently majoring in Psychology. She plans to graduate with her bachelor’s degree and attend grad school for Occupational Therapy.

While a student at USC-Union Brittany played softball , attended BCM, and took part in college nights. She also participated in the univeristy’s pageant where she was crowned Miss USC Union.

When we asked Brittany to share her thoughts on USC Union “USC Union gave me an opportunity to get adjusted to being a college student. There were several people always available to help answer any questions I had. Student resources aided me in everything from scholarships, transferring, and even helped me figure out what classes would be best for me and my career goals. Everyone was always so willing to assist me in anything I needed and in a timely manner. By the time I graduated, I felt confident and prepared for my next chapter in life.” She continued to say, “USC Union to me, was a place where I had endless opportunities. It was a perfect steppingstone for me into a bigger university. It allowed me to meet many new people with similar interests as me. I felt as if the staff and professors here truly cared for me and would do anything they could to help me succeed. Growing up in a small rural town, USC Union made me feel right at home with the small knit community and friendly faces.”

When asked if she had any advice for current or prospective students, she said, “Get involved with the school as much as you can, go to the school events like sports, movie night, etc. These events make it easier to get out of your comfort zone and to make friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in your classes, the small class sizes make it easier for professors to work with you. Take advantage of all the amazing resources USC Union has to offer. “

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