USC Union Alumni Spotlight – Ty’keezie Thompson

Ty’keezie Thompson attended USC Union from 2015-2017, then transferred to USC Upstate where he graduated in December 2019. After graduating USC Union, he continued his education at Liberty University, with the focus on administration and supervision. 

Mr. Thompson is currently teaching 5th-grade math and science at Buffalo Elementary School in Union. 

We asked Mr. Thompson to share some of his thoughts about USC Union. “USC Union means a lot to me. My experience here truly impacted my years in college. It helped me to be better equipped when I transferred to Upstate. I had no fear or worries, and I lost my need to procrastinate.” He continued to say, “USC Union prepared me for my future by providing me with skills that I now use in my career field. Attending USC-Union I was able to become better organized, my time management was improved, and I got better at reading to learn new things.”

When asked if he had any advice for current or prospective students he said, “The advice that I would give to newly enrolled students would simply be to just breathe. Take each day one at a time and put forth your best effort. If you do those things, you will succeed in your years at college.”

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