USC Union Lady Bantams Sponsored by Mizuno

It is official…the USC Union Softball will become a Mizuno sponsored team and join the ranks of other NCAA (DI & DII) and NJCAA softball teams who will brand the logo of Mizuno. It is an exciting time to partner with a company who empowers the athlete through the amazing apparel and equipment.

USC Union’s dean, Dr. Randy Lowell, states, “Looking forward to the possibilities that lay ahead for our student-athletes through this new partnership with Mizuno, and can’t wait to cheer on our Bantams softball team this year in their new gear.”

Mizuno offers more people access to sports activities through its efforts to promote sports. It helps enrich society and make it sustainable, creating an environment in which individual can shine.

Zach Simmons, USC Union’s Athletic Director, stated, “We are extremely excited to have our softball team wearing Mizuno this coming year. Hopefully next year our whole school will be wearing Mizuno and we will become a Mizuno campus!”

Mizuno’s Corporate Philosophy “Contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and the promotion of sports” not only means providing good quality sports products, but also delivering the joy of sports to as many people as possible and helping them experience the spirit of sports, namely “fair play, friendship, and fighting spirit,” as well as providing a solution to maximize the potential of sports with regard to social issues in cooperation with related organizations. This also helps to enrich and create a sustainable society in which each individual can shine.

“Building on the successes of the past, the future of USC Union softball program is bright and partnering with Mizuno will foster more opportunities for the Lady Bantams than ever before.  Mizuno embodies the motto of Reach Beyond in all aspects of the game and in life and the Lady Bantams are excited to be a part of this incredible opportunity.  As a team, we would like to thank all those were involved in making this partnership a reality,” said William Royce, head coach for the Lady Bantams.

Basing on the above thinking, as important issues, Mizuno is tackling the following three challenges for the promotion of sports:

1) Improve the athletic ability and physical strength of children who are the next generation.

2) Extend healthy life through sports activities.

3) Improve access to sports activities and support local sports activities.

Mizuno is also focusing strongly on its global activities for the promotion of sports that suit various countries and regions.

USC Union Softball and Mizuno…Reach Beyond!

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