If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a busy construction project on the corner of West Main Street. Matt Montgomery and the Montgomery Construction crew have been working diligently on 101 W Main Street building, which will offer more housing for USC Union female students.

The building was originally constructed in the 1850’s where the general store, Goss and Culp Company, occupied the first floor and an opera house was on the second floor. After the 1877 fire, the building was rebuilt in the 1880’s and several retail stores occupied the space. From 1922 to 1955, the building was turned into a lively restaurant called the Hob Nob, which was owned by Greek descendants. The Hob Nob provided the City of Union with a cheerful, cozy atmosphere for the community. Ultimately, the building turned into the previous Harry From Clothing Store, which served Union for 50 years. Since 2005, the 101 W Main Street building has been vacant.

However, Montgomery plans to revive the former glory of the historical building in the same way he revived Main Street Junction. USC Union has teamed with Montgomery to expand and provide more student housing. The project started in early Spring of this year and will be finished by July 12th, 2018.

“Our family has a big heart for this building,” says Montgomery, “This is a neat project because we have encompassed all of Union by working with the major players in the community.”

The new renovations include six bedrooms on the first floor and seven on the second floor: thirteen bedrooms in total. There are ten single and three double bedrooms. The building has six bathrooms, three on each floor, with two kitchens, one on both floors. There will be a laundry room with two washers and dryers on the first and second floor. The first floor has a common area for students to study, socialize, and relax. The first floor also includes a handicap accessible bedroom and bathroom. Fortunately, the utilities are all inclusive, which includes water, housing, furniture, etc.

As a new addition, the building will gain a 15-foot-long back deck. The deck will lead to the public parking lot where the students have designated parking.

Montgomery’s main purpose is to preserve and restore the historical framework of the building. The wooden floors will be refurnished, the original doorframes and window frames will be reused, and the tin ceiling will be conserved as well. “We want to maintain architectural character – the windows, roofline, front façade,” says Montgomery, “Part of the big thing we’ve had to do is when you walk in we want you to see that beautiful tin ceiling.”

Montgomery and his team have been making great strides on the building. The USC Union faculty, staff, and students have high hopes for the new student housing addition. Students will have the opportunity of a higher education while supporting local business in Union. The 101 W Main Street building will relive its glory days and supply Union’s future students with room and board.  “We want this project to be a win for everybody,” says Montgomery, “The biggest win will be for the students.”

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