On May 14th, 2018, the USC Union Athletic Department hired the infamous Post 28 coach, Micah Stancil, to fill the head coach position for the baseball team. Coming from a baseball family, Stancil’s love of the game was born at a young age. His grandfather was a coach, and his father was recruited professionally. Evidently, Micah Stancil continued the family tradition.

Stancil attended and played for the Broome High Centurions. After he graduated, Stancil was invited to try out for the Philadelphia Phillies. He pitched for the Phillies organization until an unfortunate arm injury stopped him. During his recovery, Stancil returned to Broome as an assistant coach. Once healed, Stancil gave pitching another shot by playing for an international league team. However, Stancil soon returned to his one true passion: coaching.

Stancil began his official coaching career at Broome High. From there, he coached in a Fall League where his team won a few region titles. Stancil also coached for the Spartanburg Day School as well as the Senior League team in Cliffside, North Carolina. For the past five years, Stancil has been the recruiter and head coach of the American Legion Post 28 team. The summer of 2017, Spartanburg’s junior American Legion team won the state title with Stancil’s guided influence.

Coaching means more than just a job to Micah Stancil. Coaching gives Stancil the opportunity to positively influence and impact a player’s livelihood. “The best thing about being a coach is mentoring and preparing young men for life,” Stancil says, “And teaching them to be leaders in the community while pursuing a higher education.”

Head Coach Stancil and the USC Union Athletic Director, Amanda Warley, both have high hopes for the future of the baseball program. “Coach Stancil brings structure and leadership to the organization as a whole,” Warley says, “He will be a strong spear head in leading our baseball program.”

“I see USC Union as a competitive school in the Region,” states Stancil, “I believe we can win here. It takes time to build a program from the ground up, but I’m up for the challenge. USC Union and the community are very supportive of myself and this program. There’s a lot of talent in this area of South Carolina, and I plan to capitalize on it.”

For more information about USC Union’s Athletic Department, visit or call (864) 424-8033.

Article by: Annamarie Warley, Intern/USC Union Marketing Dept

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