Daily Student Check-In Process

Returning to campus, we have made appropriate measures aimed to slow the spread and reduce the occurrence of COVID-19 on our campus. Please make note of the daily requirements before arriving on campus!

Daily Student Check-In Process for Fall 2020

  • Upon arrival to campus each day, students will first report to the Student Lounge (entering from the Rippy Courtyard, behind the bookstore), and check in at the Student/Visitor Check-In Desk, which will be staffed by contracted CNA workers and supported by campus Nursing faculty. All will enter from the Rippy Courtyard and exit out the front of the Bookstore on the Main Street side.
  • During the check-in process, students will have their temperature checked and will be asked a brief set of daily health screen questions related to COVID-19 symptoms or potential exposure. Students will also, at this point be reminded of maintaining 6ft social distancing whenever possible, frequent hand washing/sanitizing, and will be provided a facial covering to wear whenever inside of a campus building if they do not already have one with them. 
  • If the result of the screening is satisfactory for the student to be able to enter campus buildings, then the student will receive a bracelet to wear that will grant them access to campus buildings for the remainder of that day.
  • Student workers and campus safety/security staff will monitor classroom building entrances to ensure that students who are entering those buildings have obtained the bracelet from the check-in desk prior to proceeding. If the student has not obtained a bracelet for that day, then they will be directed to the check-in desk in the Student Lounge to do so. Extra facial coverings, hand sanitizer, etc. will be available at building entrances as well.
  • If the result of the screening suggests that the student may present some risk of exposure to others on campus, then they will be provided with information on next steps regarding testing, self-quarantine, etc. that will be needed prior to entering classroom buildings.
  • Facial covering required to be worn inside of any campus building at all times by students (i.e. cloth mask). Student would need alternative facial covering to be approved by Disability Services (i.e. something other than a cloth mask) ahead of time in order to be allowed to enter buildings with something different than the standard facial covering of a cloth mask.
  • In case of a confirmed case of COVID-19, campus contact tracing procedures will be initiated.
  • For any visitors to the campus who are not faculty or staff, they will also utilize the check-in desk in the Student Lounge in order to go through the screening and obtain a bracelet for the day prior to entering a campus building.
  • Student/Visitor Check-In Desk will be operational Monday through Thursday, 7:30am-6:00pm. On Fridays, students in the only on-campus Friday class will instead complete their check-in process at the parking lot entrance to the Main Building on their way to that class. Otherwise, students and visitors to campus on Fridays will need to call the number posted on the building entrance for assistance.

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