USC Union’s Graduating Class of 2020

University of South Carolina Union’s graduating class of 2020 consisted of 36 Associate in Arts graduates, 45 Associate in Science graduates, and ten Palmetto College graduates. Benjamin Weaver was awarded the Kennedy Academic Award this year. The Kennedy Award was established by Mr. B.F Kennedy and his late wife, Myrna, to publicly recognize and reward the US.C. Union graduate with the highest GPA each year. The recipient exemplifies the love of learning and commitment to excellence. Ben is from McDonough, GA, and was recruited to play baseball for USC Union out of New Creation Christian Academy as a high academic achieving right-handed pitcher. At New Creation Christian Academy, Ben graduated with a 3.8 GPA and was an all A’s Honor Award Member. Ben also excelled in athletics and was recognized as the Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association (GICAA) Allstar, 3x GICAA All-Region, 2x GICAA Allstate, 2017 MVP, and 2018 Pitcher of the Year. Ben was also a part of the 2017 GICAA State Championship team. Ben is the true meaning of a student-athlete and has always put his academics first and worked to help tutor his teammates when needed. Ben will further his academic and baseball career at Erskine College, where he will major in Business Management. Ben will have a successful future due to excelling in academics and also, on the field.

Associate in Art Graduates:

Alyssa Michelle Abercrombie, Clinton S.C.,

Danielle Olean Nicole Bradley, Jacksonville N.C.

Sherry Jean Cash, Clinton S.C.

Tania   Paola   Contreras, Joanna S.C., High Honors

Zackary Michael Curlee, Simpsonville S.C.

Isabel   Leigh Devore, Donalds S.C., High Honors

Jesse Blake Dudley, Marietta S.C., Honors

Thomas Storm Edwards, Union S.C.

Brianna Nicole Fowler, Union S.C.

Taylor Lettie-Ann Gibson, Union S.C.

Devin Adam Gilkison, Buffalo S.C.

Joseph Brett Gruver, Union S.C.

Monderrious Levijion Jeter, Union S.C.

Curtis Blake Johnson, Union  S.C.

Tiffany Canupp Kerr, Union S.C., Highest Honors

Adrevious Peake, Clinton S.C.

Maya Keyuna Pegues, Columbia S.C.

Nicole Brianna Perry, Summerville S.C.

Jose Antonio Pimentel, Union S.C.

Vincente Ramirez, Buffalo S.C.

Braedyn Michaela Rice, Union S.C.  

Paz’Shunna Da’Shia Smith, Union S.C.

Brandon Chase Smith, Greenville S.C.

Shyquasia Alexion Smith, Union S.C.

Gregory ZaynSutton, Lancaster S.C.

Sarah Ann Taylor, Union S.C., Honors

Charles Joe Thompson, Mountville S.C., Honors

Grant Edward Tucker, Gray Court S.C.        

Morgan Denise Vaughan, Union S.C.

Montana Rose Walton, Midway Park N.C.

Benjamin Weaver, McDonough G.A., High Honors  

Travis Alan Wendel, Union S.C.

Jerry Keith Williams, Union S.C.

Gentry Todd Wood, Union S.C.

Annalee Paige Wyatt, Spartanburg S.C., High Honors

Ryan Edward Young, Union S.C.

Associate In Science Graduates:

Ashlyn Nicole Abercrombie, Clinton S.C.

Samuel Tate Anders, Piedmont S.C., High Honors  

Jordan Diann Austin, Union S.C.

Taylor Marcus Bailey, Clinton S.C.

Kassie Lain Bradburn, Union  S.C.

Dayton Chase Caldwell, Union S.C. 

Sherry Jean Cash, Clinton S.C.

Victoria Elizabeth Childress, Laurens S.C.

Tania Paola Contreras, Joanna S.C., High Honors

Whitney Ivey Cooke, Union S.C.

Kristen Elizabeth Davis, Chester S.C.

Harrison Michael Earl, Union  S.C.

Thomas Storm Edwards, Union S.C.

Kayla Ellis, Union S.C., High Honors

Lester Clark Evans, Clinton S.C.

DeAsia Jha’Nay Fisher, Lancaster S.C.

Courtlyn Andrea Foster, Chester S.C.

Triston Fowler, Spartanburg S.C., High Honors

Kinsleigh Ann Fulgham, Pacolet S.C.

Devin Adam Gilkison, Buffalo S.C.

Kylie Morgen Gregory, Union S.C.

Tamera Darlette Horton, Carlisle S.C.

Christian Jefferson Locust, Grove G.A.

David Judy, Union S.C.

Tiffany Canupp Kerr, Union S.C., Highest Honors   

Kei-Shawn Samone Kershaw, Chester S.C.

Chad Lessing, Canton G.A., Honors

Lauren Gabrielle McCarley, Union S.C.

Joshua Christian Morrow, Travelers Rest S.C.

Alexa Nance, Union S.C.

Alexis Odum, Rock Hill S.C.

Grace L. Ohls, Union  S.C., High Honors

Emilee S. Price, Dillon S.C., Honors

Zaria Savage, Union S.C.

Christopher Ryan Shiflet, Clinton S.C., Honors

Elizabeth Suzette Spencer, Union S.C.

Zykeria Tamia Sumpter, Buffalo S.C.

Sarah Ann Taylor, Union S.C., Honors

Grant Edward Tucker, Gray Court S.C.

Meredith L. Ward, Union S.C.

Travis Alan Wendel, Union S.C.        

Creighton Thompson Wood-Carter, Columbia S.C. 

Kadijah M. Woods, Chester S.C.

Danielle Nichole Woody, Buffalo S.C.

Cameron Riley Yelton, Union S.C.

Palmetto College Liberal Studies Graduates

Julie Patricia-Ann Dudley, Colorado Springs C.O., Cum Laude

Aaron Richard Heil, Lancaster S.C., Cum Laude     

Shannikia Tecole Hill, Union  S.C.    

Christian Davis Wood-Weddle, Columbia S.C., Magna Cum Laude

 Palmetto College Organizational Leadership Graduates

Payton Karen Moss, Union S.C., Cum Laude

Mark Antony Brady Spencer, Union S.C., Cum Laude

Vicky Denise Bynum, Boiling Springs S.C.

Jennifer Dove Cudd, Union S.C., Magna Cum Laude

Nia Simone Smith, Union S.C., Cum Laude

Noah Lee Stribling, Enoree S.C.       

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