2020 USC Union Awards Program

USC Union Awards Program is designed to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Union students pursuing Associates of Arts or Science, as well as Bachelor degrees through Palmetto College. This includes honoring students who have demonstrated academic excellence within a particular discipline, as well as students who have generally
displayed overall merit as a student of USC Union.
Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients!

I would like to congratulate all of our award recipients on the exceptional job you have done during your college career. Many of you have jobs, families, and other obligations on top of a full load of coursework. I commend each and every one of you on your award and I believe that you will continue to be successful in the future.
Dr. John Catalano – USC Union Campus Dean

Travis Wendel
“Travis Wendel is truly an All-Around Bantam! He is an exceptional student and an invaluable employee of USC Union. This year he will be graduating with both his AA and AS, focusing in Biology and has been on the President’s or Dean’s List for most semesters at USC Union. He is a member of the Art and Research Clubs and is President of the Sustainable Garden and Botany Club. He has traveled to Ireland and Northern Ireland as part of the Study Abroad Program with a Sociology class. Travis has won both the Marine Science Award and the Spanish Award at USC Union. He also received the Commencement Speaker Scholarship for 2019-2020. Travis has a research project surveying crayfish species in Union County, and has been awarded a mini-Magellan grant for it. He is involved with two other research projects with Dr. Morris: authenticating a shrunken head and monitoring stream quality and biodiversity, and presented remotely at the 2020 Research Club Colloquium. Travis just recently became a certified Adopt-A-Stream volunteer and will be monitoring stream quality in Union County. Currently, Travis works on the Union campus in a number of capacities. He works in Dr. Morris’s biology lab working on research, safety, and lab management. He is also a member of USC Union campus’s security team and is a tutor for various subjects at USC Union’s Student Academic Success Center.”
Dr. Lee Morris

Payton Moss
“I have known Payton Moss for three years, and have had the pleasure of teaching her in several fine arts classes. She was voted the president of the USCU Art Club, and has lead our club in fund raisers, activities, and collaborated with the USCU theater program to paint the sets for their production. She is a hard-working student that has pushed herself to accomplish what is necessary for her future goals. Her determination and persistence is a key factor in her success. Payton is deserving of the All-Around Palmetto Award for her hard work and dedication. “
Jennifer Emswiler

Christian Wood-Weddle
“USCU’s Palmetto Distinguished Scholar Award goes to the graduating Palmetto College student with the highest GPA in Union, which this year is Christian Wood-Weddle. Christian started at USC Union as a freshman in Fall 2016, with the intention of getting a year of general education courses behind him before transferring to the Columbia campus for the remainder of his Bachelors degree. However, one year quickly turned into two years, completing the Associates in Arts degree (with High Honors), and then remaining for the remainder of his Bachelors degree, a B.A. in Liberal Studies that he is completing in Spring 2020, again with graduation honors. The BLS degree allowed him to incorporate upper level coursework across three disciplines, including the fine arts that he had newly discovered a passion for, along with History and Criminal Justice, which would inform his future career in the law. As he excelled in his coursework, he also excelled beyond the classroom through his internship with the Office of the Attorney General of South Carolina, starting in Spring 2019, in conjunction with his PALM 494 Internship course. That office thought so highly of his work with them that they invited him to continue to work with them beyond that semester, to the present day. Thus his academic excellence, combined with the experiences and contacts that he has made through that internship opportunity, will surely prepare him for the next phase of his life as a prospective Law School student and future lawyer. Congratulations to Christian on all of his accomplishments!”
Dr. Randy Lowell

Isabel Devore
“This accounting student is somewhat different from those of past years. Although her dad is a highly experienced accountant, she was not sure accounting would be for her. She did not embrace a world of math. She always said the same thing after each test: I don’t think I did very well. But as I have found, if students do their homework, which she did, and comes in early to ask questions, which she did, the test grades reflect that due diligence. As she charted the difficult waters in the accounting classes, she began to emerge with a real commitment to the process, to the rules, to the rigor, and to the profession. Each year accountants are faced with new tax rules, increased scrutiny to protect from fraudulent activities, and better preparation for national unforeseen financial crises. Accounting is not for the weak at heart. It is only for those who embrace the rules, live by the code of conduct, and want to help society. I am certain, that if she decides to continue in this discipline, that she will be a great accountant and be in that first line of defense to protect the assets of the individual, the corporations, and the nation.”
Dr. Debbie Hudson
Irish Peake
“Irish Peake’s enthusiasm for African American Studies was apparent from our first class meeting. She is always inquisitive and engaged. She makes connections between events in the history of Africans across the Diaspora and her own family’s experiences. Her deep interest in the history of African American people and her ability to grasp new paradigms and discuss ideas within political, historical, economic and social contexts is commendable.” Dr. Tekla Ali Johnson

Bailey Angel
Bailey Angel completed both Art History courses with top grades, and was exceptionally respectful, diligent and supportive of the instruction. This accomplishment was with her demanding schedule of college, high school and work.
Gerard Bowles
Payton Moss
“The recipient for this year’s studio art award is Payton Moss. Payton has studied the arts both on and off campus during her four years here at USCU. Her dedication to bringing the arts to others has extended into the Art Club, where this past fall she was voted as the president. She has aided in the creation and organization of art events that we have held on campus, such as: The pumpkin decorating contest, which was held in the USCU Sustainable Garden, window design for the Art Walk that was part of the Environmental Art Festival, and lead the club in collaborating with the USCU Theatre by organizing and participating in the creation of the set for their fall play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Payton’s passion and devotion to the arts is not limited to campus activities, as she also works on personal projects outside of art club events and class assignments. She has great technical ability and a good eye for detail, which are traits that follow into other areas of her academics. Her devotion and ability has carried the arts to others on this campus that otherwise may not have experienced it. Her aid in cultivating the arts on campus has been a priceless virtue deserving of recognition and appreciation. Congratulations, Payton, on being an advocate for the arts!”
Jennifer Emswiler
Grace Lee
“My student Grace Lee is gifted in science. She has consistently scored in the high 90’s or over 100 on all tests and quizzes in BIOL 244, BIOL 244L, and CHEM 101. Grace had similar high scores last semester in BIOL 243 and BIOL 243L; she is the class leader in her science courses this semester and was the same last semester. She is also a science tutor in the Academic Success Center, and a member of the softball team. Grace has a rare quality that goes beyond getting the highest scores in all classes; she is intellectually mature beyond her age while being a normal and friendly person.”
Dr. Dave Hudson
Braydon Farmer
“This Chemistry Award honors and celebrates your achievements in chemistry and making a positive impact in your classroom and laboratory sessions. Your quick participation and positive energy always bring life to the classroom. Your continuous work, bright questions and enthusiasm are a professor’s dream come true. Dr. Braydon Farmer (yes, I said “Dr.”, we have already talked about that), it is my great pleasure to present you with the Chemistry Award 2020. Go team ADHA!”
Dr. Héléne Maire-Afeli
Madison Beaty
“More than ever, computer literacy is a necessity for any college degree. Computer literacy will serve our students all through their professional life, even though it will change as time goes by. Many students have experience with the Microsoft applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but only to the basic level. USC-Union immerses students to an advanced depth that potential employers will notice. They will be well above most.
Not all students enjoy the advanced study, but occasionally a student will far surpass what is assigned and expected. This student was always first to turn in the assignments. This student would not let the task perplex her – she endeavored until she was successful. This student was a non-complainer. This student helped her fellow students.”
Dr. Debbie Hudson
Mondo Jeter
“Perhaps the discipline that is changing faster than any other field is computer science. It is a multidimensional field of math, electrical engineering, logic, and analytical reasoning. One thing we know for sure in this discipline is that what we know for sure today will probably be obsolete or revised in a few short months. The student that tackles computer science is one that must be dedicated to a field that is ever changing: software, hardware, and the unknown. He or she thrives over the prospect of developing the next ‘best’ thing, the next ‘best’ program, the next ‘best’ system. I have a student who has shown talent in this field. He, like many computer scientists, likes to stay in the background. He is quiet and unassuming, but he has such talent in understanding code. He can spot errors, correct, and produce code in record time. In fact, during the entire semester, he never had a program that failed to run once he had studied and initialized the code. He had the rare ability to spot every error before he attempted to run the code. This is certainly the mark of a student who was born to live in the world of computer science.”
Dr. Debbie Hudson
Samuel Tate Anders
“The opportunity to engage with future educators in the classroom provides many “mock interviews.” It is during these conversations that the transparency in an individual “shows up.” It was apparent during these conversations that Tate embodies all that we educators aspire to mentor and teach with. Given the opportunity to have his own classroom someday, there is no doubt he will be exactly, what his students need.”
Ronda Palmer
Elice Nicole Lee
“There are some students who exude not only a gift for the written language but a passion for learning as well. Elice Lee is one of those people. Though slightly timid, this does not reflect upon her work. I can always count on her assignments to be composed intelligently and crafted in a way that clearly expresses her astute attention to the English language. She takes great pride in her education and works diligently to maintain a high GPA. Her pleasant demeanor, friendliness, and respectfulness are profound qualities of her personality. Honestly, she makes my job as a teacher easier. Without a doubt, this ambitious young lady is headed in the right direction of her future. Elice is well-deserving of the Discipline Award in English based on her performance in my classes in the 2019-2020 academic year. I feel certain this is one of many to come in her lifetime.”
Kathryn Brackett
Cameron Newton
“Cameron Newton brings to the class a cinematic knowledge uncommon in one his age. He’s been a pleasure to have in class.”
Randy Ivey
Brianna Fish
“Brianna Fish first entered my classroom in August 2019. Since she is on the rifle team, I have come to know her as “Shooter McGavin” and I can say her talent of hitting the target each time does not only apply to her athletic abilities but also to her academic ones. Brianna “Shooter McGavin” Fish aims for excellence and has not missed once since stepping foot into my classroom. She embodies the qualities of a student that will not quit in the face of obstacles but rather a student that finds solutions in order to always thrive and achieve each of her goals. It is with my pleasure to be her teacher and to recognize her academic excellence in French. “
Kevin Torres
Braydon Farmer
“I taught Braydon Western Civilization in the fall, and this semester I am teaching him American History. Braydon stands out as an exemplary student. He is always on time for class and actively participates. He succeeds highly on all of his history assessments. He is very engaging in class and often times leads classroom discussions. He emails me often to find out further information about our topics and discusses readings that he has taken upon himself to learn from. He constantly stays in communication with me and asks me to look over any assignment before he turns it in. He always goes the extra mile to help me and his fellow classmates in reading and discussing the topics. He is very helpful and is always a pleasant young man eager to learn history. He is a member of the USC-Union baseball team and always lets me know in advance if he has to leave early for a game or event. He has always been very proactive in learning history and often times will seek out guidance regarding his career path and I enjoy helping him attain his goals. He has always had outstanding grades in history and always has a positive smile on his face that he shares with all students.”
Robert Ivey
Raygan Angel
“Raygan is a brave student who took what amounted to an independent study with me on leadership. We discussed numerous things about leadership both learning from one another in what became an admirable friendship. An empathetic person with a golden heart, Raygan is a great leader who will accomplish big dreams. Thank you for having emotional intelligence. I will miss you sorely when you head to Upstate.”
Dr. Christine Sixta Rinehart
Thomas Storm Edwards
“The Leadership Award embodies a student who consistently demonstrates the understanding of what it means to be a true leader. It recognizes a student who is able to articulate personal leadership through their interactions with others while always putting the organization first. In addition, the Leadership Award celebrates a student who is respected and trusted by peers. It is with great honor, I present Thomas “STORM” Edwards a share of this year’s Leadership Award.”
Dr. William Royce
Joshua Nelson
“The study of business tends to be a broad and ever-expanding field of study. It is a chance for many of our young students to make an impact on our evolving business world. The business sector offers opportunities for every interest: opportunities in Management, HR Law, Organizational Behavior, International Business, and even a relatively newer discipline with a math based focus: Decision Sciences.
Our students learn the core concepts of business, but also the ‘real world’ application of those concepts. We learn from the masters of innovation, such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and companies such as 3M, Amazon, and Walmart. Students spend hours researching their choice of a Fortune 500 company. They become familiar with organizational design, form, strategies, mission, goals, and the other building blocks of a well-managed company. These students go deeper than the basics. They hear from the company’s current employees, ex-employees, and researchers who have inside knowledge of the company. Not all students enjoy such reading and research; however, we have that occasional student who seems to thrive when they get inside of an organization.
This student completed all assignments, reading, and research in advance of the due dates, which is an indication of a well-organized and dedicated student.”
Dr. Debbie Hudson
Myriam Castaneda
“Myriam Castaneda is this semester’s co-recipient of excellence in the field of Management. Myriam was selected based off of several attributes she brings to the classroom, such as:
 Good insight based off work personal experiences
 Excellent grades
 Engagement in the classroom activities
 Dependability on classroom attendance and
submitting assignments
Myriam, if she chooses, will have a promising future in Management and Leadership.”
Chad Ulmer
Tania Contreras
“Tania Contreras is this semester’s recipient of excellence in the field of Marketing. Tania was selected based of several attributes she brings to this Web based classroom such as:
 Excellent grades
 Insightful discussion posts and responses
 Works with a sense of urgency to complete
 Is proactive in staying ahead in her work on a consistent basis.
Tania is a great example of maximizing online learning experiences, getting out of it what she puts into it in a positive manner.”
Chad Ulmer
Morgan Vaughan
“The music discipline award is given to a student who shows a persistent effort to learn and appreciate music. Morgan Vaughan has taken both Introduction to Music Theory and Introduction to Music classes during the 2019-20 school year. She stays after class to learn more about music and asks practical questions relating music to her life. She has done exceptionally well in both music classes and is deserving of this music discipline award. “
Kerri Redding
Danielle Bradley
“Danielle Bradley is an amazing student. She is involved in many areas on campus. Along with softball, she tutors for the Student Academic Success Center, she’s conducting research with a former student, while taking a full load of classes. However, what sets her apart from most students that I’ve encountered is her ability to reflect meaningfully on her life’s experiences and classes. She has a truly unique perspective due to her introspection and reflection that provides her the ability to really see the world in a new way, which helps her create academic connections that most undergraduate students rarely make.”
Dr. Steven Lownes
Tomi LaChance
“Tomi LaChance is the recipient of both the Philosophy Award and the Religious Studies Award for the 2019-20 academic year. As far as I am aware, this is the first time a student from USC Union has won both awards, not to mention in the same year. This accomplishment is more noteworthy given that she received the Psychology Award last year. Dean Catalano remarks: “Tomi is my best philosophy student since coming to USC Union. She is curious, driven, conscientious, and thoughtful. She is genuinely interested in the connections between psychology and philosophy.” The key word in Dr. Catalano’s remarks is “connections.” I myself have had Tomi for several classes. For instance, in Religion and Existentialism this semester, we are reading Kierkegaard and Sartre, two thinkers at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and religion. Tomi’s discerning questions indicate that she integrates these three disciplines better than any student I have had. More importantly, Tomi’s appropriation of what these two thinkers have to say about the human spirit shows that she is organizing her mind as she carves out her own approach to life. I am delighted to be one of her teachers. Tomi has a great deal to offer as she moves into the future.”
Dr. Avery Fouts
Bob Lammey
“I have known Bob for almost 5 years. I have appreciated his mature perspective in my classes and his passion for political science. He is simply fabulous to have in class and I hope that his non-profit for veteran’s services, which he started in one of my classes is extremely successful in Union County. I will always love our interesting political chats.”
Dr. Christine Sixta Rinehart
Nicholas Jordan Hooper
“Jordan Hooper is the glue that holds Portu-guese 122 together. He is a bright student that always has an interesting comment and contribution to the class. He is witty and has a great attitude and has pushed himself to learn Portuguese.”
Dr. Steven Lownes
Danielle Bradley
“Danielle (“Dani”) Bradley took an interest in research in my Psychology lab late last year and began working with Kelsey Granger on her experiment. With Kelsey graduating and about to embark on graduate school, Dani has taken the lead on that experiment’s data collection and was preparing to co-present the findings at this year’s Southeastern Psychological Association conference in New Orleans. Dani was also preparing to present this work at the USC Union Research Club Colloquium, and at Discover USC in Columbia. This work is integral to her Graduation with Leadership Distinction in Research that she’ll be earning when she graduates with her Associates degree in May. She also does a substantial amount of tutoring of Psychology in the Academic Success Center as a tutor when she’s not busy with softball and Re-search Club activities. In terms of academic credentials, Dani has taken many Psychology classes during her time in Union, including PSYC 101 (Intro) last Spring, PSYC 380 (Sport Psyc) last semester, and PSYC 455 (Neuroscience) last semester, for which she got an A in all of them. Additionally, she is currently taking PSYC 226 (Research Methods) and PSYC 405 (Cognitive Psychology) with me this semester, in which she is on track to do just as well as she had in her other Psychology classes.”
Dr. Randy Lowell
Tomi LaChance
“I had the privilege of having Tomi LaChance in two of my religion classes. What made Tomi stand out in these classes was her curiosity about the subject matter and a deep desire to learn and grow as a person. The last class in which I had the privilege to be her teacher was Psychology of Religion. For her reading assignment, she chose to read Carl Jung’s autobiography, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections.” She soaked up Jung’s words and I will never forget a conversation she and I had following her class presentation about the book. She was thoroughly engaged with Jung’s reflections and was able to offer her own reflections and make critical purchase of Jung at times. She was also thoroughly engaged with the writings of William James and James Fowler. None of these are easy reads. I believe a student like Tomi comes along rarely in the life of the teacher. I am glad that our paths crossed and that she is recognized for her hard work through the receiving of this Religious Studies Award. “
Dr. Stephen Lemons
Morgan Pettit
“It is a true pleasure to present Morgan Petit with the 2019-2020 Sociology Discipline Award to recognize her academic success within the class-room. Morgan’s exceptional academic performance in each of my courses was a direct result of her intelligence, hard work, and commitment to learning. Her passion for learning, exceptional intellectual ability, and self-motivation are qualities that have impressed me very much. In the class-room, she was inquisitive and used her wider knowledge of the world to understand sociological principles, demonstrating important critical thinking skills. It is also important to note that Morgan is one of the politest and more respectful students that I have ever taught. She is exactly the type of student that teachers want to teach and it was an absolute delight having Morgan as my student. Congratulations, Morgan. This award is well-deserved.”
Dr. Maggie Aziz
Montana Walton
“Montana Walton strives to display excellence in all aspects of her life. She goes above and beyond the tasks assigned to not only push herself but also to be an ex-ample for her classmates. I have watched her dedicate herself to her studies, as well as to her softball team, and all the while still find time to volunteer for extracurricular opportunities when offered. Montana’s work as a makeup artist brought her character to life onstage and she continually presents projects that portray a designers eye.“
Amy Thomson
Destiny Sanders
“Destiny Sanders rises above her physical challenges in our Stage Makeup class and does not allow them to hinder her excellent performance. She continues to do her best and puts in extra time to practice each skill in order to create a successful outcome. “
Amy Thomson
Kaelyn Chavis
“Kaelyn is new to me but I love her enthusiasm for this course and her thoughtfulness in the class. Kaelyn is an excellent student, full of great promise and I am glad to have gotten to know her. I look forward to our upcoming years together lady!”
Dr. Christine Sixta Rinehart

Dr. Randy Lowell
It is with great pleasure to announce that USC Union’s Dr. Randy Lowell has received the 2020 Distinguished Research Service Award. In 2018, the Office of the Vice President for Research created the Distinguished Research Service Award to recognize University of South Carolina faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to internal research programs. Congratulations to USC Union’s Dr. Randy Lowell on receiving the 2020 Distinguished Research!

The committee selected Dr. Lowell based on his service to research programs at USC Union. The programs have led to enhancing research on campus and scholarly activities. Dr. Lowell began teaching at USC Union in August 2012, transitioning into an administrative role as Academic Dean in January 2016. During his tenure at USC Union, Dr. Lowell has taught a number of different Psychology courses in various formats (i.e. traditional, online, beaming).
He has also made it a priority to work with students on independent research beyond the classroom in his Perception, Attention, Language, & Memory (PALM) Psychology Lab on campus, through which students have assisted with his research agenda, but have also initiated new lines inquiry along the way. This work with student research helped to spawn the USCU Research Club that Dr. Lowell formed with a student research assistant, which he continues to direct on campus.
The club exposes students to a variety of research experiences across a wide range of disciplines, while facilitating connections between students and faculty that may lead to new scholarly collaborations. Members of the club have presented their research at Discover USC in Columbia and at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) in Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL. The club also presents an opportunity to students to graduate with a Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD) with their engagement with research.

Blake Wilson
If anyone deserves Staff Member of the year it is Blake. It is no surprise that the students voted for her because she consistently puts the them first and is always willing to take the extra time to make sure they have everything they need. It doesn’t matter if it is helping them with their student accounts, advising and helping them add or drop classes, or just listening to their problems to see if she can provide some guidance. Blake is definitely invaluable to the mission of USC Union.

Senior Instructor Randy Ivey
“The winner of the of the 2019-2020 Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award is Randy Ivey, Senior Instructor of English. Randy again finds himself atop the podium for this award, which he has had the distinction of winning 8 times prior at Union, for the first time in 1996 and the most recent time just two years ago. His success in this realm is truly a testament to how much his students appreciate him and the impact that he has on them. As a staple of the Union faculty and campus, Randy maintains a heavy course load that includes a rotation of a variety of English classes, but has also taught UNIV 101 in the past and has resumed teaching of the popular FAMS 180 course in Film Culture. Between all of his teaching (and papergrading) and his service activity, despite being under no contractual obligation for scholarly activity, Randy also finds time to engage in his passion of writing and frequently publishes his works in various outlets. This includes publication of multiple poems, stories, and a novel just within the past year. Congratulations to Senior Instructor Ivey!”
Dr. Randy Lowell

Being chosen Teacher of the Year is, of course, a great honor, made even more so by the quality of the USCU faculty. I have taught here nearly thirty years, and this is one of the best rosters of teachers I have ever worked with.
Randy Ivey

Dr. Majdouline Aziz
“The runner-up in the 2019-2020 USC Union Teacher of the Year voting was Dr. Majdouline Aziz, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of the USC Union Academic Success Center. Maggie started at USC Union as an Adjunct Instructor of Sociology, prior to entering into the tenure-track as an Assistant Professor. Since joining the faculty of USC Union, she has consistently received positive feedback from students and peers in their evaluations of her teaching, and has routinely found herself in the top three faculty for this award, having won the distinction of Teacher of the Year a few years back. She teaches face-to-face, beaming video, and online, and she also regularly takes on dual enrollment sections as well. In addition to her teaching accolades, she has engaged in substantial service activities as well, for which she has been honored as this year’s recipient of the Chris P. Plyler Excellence in Service Award for the Palmetto College Campuses. Congratulations to Dr. Aziz!”
Dr. Randy Lowell

Instructor Kevin Torres
“The second runner-up in the 2019-2020 USC Union Teacher of the Year voting was Full-Time Instructor of World Languages, Kevin Torres. Kevin started at USC Union as an Adjunct Instructor of Spanish prior to having recently joined the faculty in a Full-Time Instructor role. He has continued to teach Spanish, but has also added French to his catalog of courses for the campus. He teaches in person, via beaming video, and online, and takes on a substantial number of courses and students each semester. Kevin remains heavily engaged with the campus and even recently returned from a successful study abroad trip with students to Costa Rica over Spring Break that he organized. In the short time he has been in Union, he has found himself in the top three for this award once again. Congratulations to Instructor Torres!”
Dr. Randy Lowell

Jennifer Feiner
“The 2019-2020 USC Union Adjunct Instructor of the Year is Jennifer Feiner, Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics. Jennifer began teaching at USC Union in the Fall 2016 semester and has maintained a substantial teaching load of in person and online sections of courses ranging from Algebra to Calculus and Finite Math. Additionally, she volunteered to teach one of the new Palmetto Pathway sections in Columbia last semester, and has also taught the UNIV 401: E-Portfolio class for the Union campus, working with students on that portion of their Graduation with Leadership Distinction requirements. Given the subject matter of the courses she teaches, and the prevalent aversion to math that students often express, it is particularly impressive that she has earned this Adjunct Instructor of the Year distinction. Congratulations to Jennifer Feiner!”
Dr. Randy Lowell

Alice Hooper
“The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) Leadership Award is presented to Alice Hooper for her dedication to student success. Alice has displayed leadership within the SASC by encouraging students and supporting them in their academic achievement, along with promoting campus involvement. As the lead tutor in mathematics, many students rely on her knowledge and skills to succeed in the classroom. She displays patience, motivates students, and goes beyond what is expected to ensure the Center meets the needs of the student body. Congratulations, Alice. Thank you for your service. This award is well-deserved.”
Dr. Maggie Aziz

Tanja Black
Tanja Black began her career with USC Union in 1989 as a preschool teacher at USC Union’s Child Development Center. In 1998, the Child Development Center’s funding ended, but Tanja and a fellow co-worker (Marlene Sanders) remained on and were able to keep the center run-ning for 2 more years so that they could provide services to our students, employees , and the community. In July 2000, Tanja took on the job of Bookstore Manager for the campus. Tanja is an excellent employee who always has the students’ and the University’s best interests in mind as she does her job. Tanja and her husband Fred are lifelong residents of Union County. They have 3 sons (Kyle, Travis, & Conner); a daughter-in-law (Katie); a grandson (Fisher); and 2 granddaughters (Cora & Saylar). USC Union is very fortunate to have Tanja Black as an employee. We congratulate her on her 30 years of state service.

Eddie Smith
University of South Carolina Union would like to acknowledge Mr. Eddie Smith and his ten years of service with the campus. We honor you at this milestone for the work that you do on the maintenance team and how dedicated you are to your job. Our campus appreciates the hours and sweat that you put in making sure our campus looks clean and presentable to our faculty, staff, students, and community. Thank you for your contributions to USC Union and being a valuable member of the Bantam family!

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