Union County Healthcare Foundation Partners with Union-Laurens Commission for Higher Education to Support USC Union School of Nursing

Sent on behalf of the Union County Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors

Since its inception in 1993, The Union County Healthcare Foundation, with the help of Union County, has raised several million dollars to help support the efforts of the Union Hospital District, which includes our hospital and Ellen Sagar Nursing Center, all while helping to provide high quality, cost-effective health care in Union County.

Over the past 26 years, The Union County Healthcare Foundation has helped with the purchase of the following items, just to name a few:

• Union Medical Center
• a Picture, Archiving & Communications System for the Radiology Department
• $1 million for the construction of the new Outpatient Surgery Center
• a down payment for the Union Transport van
• a down payment for a new ambulance for Union County EMS
• a fetal heart monitor for the OB Department
• private patient room renovations
• renovations to triage area in ER
• Cardiovascular Stress Testing System for Cardiopulmonary Services Union County EMS
• STEMI Data Transfer System
• Rescue Truck
• $20,000 toward funding of an Ambulance Around the community
• Cardiac Rehabilitation and Treadmill equipment placed at Union’s YMCA, so patients don’t have to travel to Spartanburg for all their cardiac rehabilitation
• Car seats for Union Safe Kids in support of their program for car seat inspection & replacement

ribbon cuttingThe past several years have seen the landscape of health care in Union County change, and to adapt and continue to fulfill our mission, The Union County Healthcare Foundation Board has decided to grant all our assets, totaling approximately $800,000, to the Union-Laurens Commission for Higher Education, for the express intent of supporting the USC Union School of Nursing.

Fundraising events such as Shag Night, golf tournaments, and the Christmas Gala will continue to be held, and the Foundation and the Nursing program will continue to depend on your support.

As we make this transition, I’d like to thank the Board members of the Healthcare Foundation for their efforts over the years. I’d like to thank Greta Bailey for all her hard work and tireless efforts to continue the success of the Foundation, and I’d like to thank all past board members for their efforts through the years.

A very special thank you to our founding board members, who are listed below:

• Joseph A. Camunas, M.D.
• H. Woodliff Sanford, M.D.
• Barham F. Kennedy
• John M. Baarcke, D.M.D
• Jerry M. Bruce
• Willard M. Hines, Sr.
• Loy M. Howard
• Mrs. Harold P. Hope
• F. Everett Leigh
• Mrs. Henry Madden
• Carl L. Mason
• Mrs. Henry B. Richardson
• Helen M. Stockinger, M.D.
• Mrs. P. K. Switzer
• L. Randy Wilburn
• Mrs. John L. Ward, Jr

Their insight and willingness not only to identify but to fill a need helped lead the Union County Healthcare Foundation down a path of helping others. I’d also like to say a very special thank you to the citizens of Union County. Your support over the past 26 years has been invaluable, and the USC Union Nursing Program looks forward to your continued support. shag night

You can support the Nursing Program today by purchasing your tickets to Shag Night by calling Greta Bailey at 441-3363.

Thank you all once again, and let’s make the USC Union Nursing Program the best ever.




Union County Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors

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