Pastides Health & Sustainability Pledge

This year marks the finish of President Pastides’ 10th Year in office. In celebration, he and Ms. Moore-Pastides created the Pastides Health & Sustainability Pledge. In partnership with Sustainable Carolina and Healthy Carolina, the pledge encourages staff, students and the whole Carolina Community to consider their role in personal wellness and protecting the earth through sustainable and healthy practices.

We encourage you (faculty, staff, students, Alumni) to sign the pledge! Be sure to post on social media after you sign the pledge (link below) using the hashtag: #PastidesPledge.


Pastides Health & Sustainability Pledge Pledge:
As a member of the Carolina community, I pledge to…
• Reduce electricity and water usage.
• Reduce use of plastic bags, straws and other disposable products.
• Walk, bike, carpool or ride the bus as alternative transportation when I’m able to.
• Be physically active in a way that I enjoy.
• Consume locally grown food whenever possible.
• Be personally responsible for reducing the amount of food waste I create.
• Use alcohol in moderation, or not at all.
• Abstain from all tobacco products.
• Regularly try to set aside time during my day for mindful reflection and my emotional health.
• Be a good neighbor and active bystander for my Carolinian community.


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